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Here's the Perfect Solution if you want to reach your Fitness Goals (even if you're nowhere near them right now)

Did you know that "95% of diets fail and most will regain their lost weight in 1-5 years"? 

Here's the problem you face.

You decided that you want to get in better shape, so you've been working out at home consistently. This probably means you've also been trying to eat more healthily so your grueling exercises don't go to waste.

BUT... Eating these healthy meals is NOT SUSTAINABLE.

Because Healthy Food just doesn't taste good...

At least that's what we've been taught growing up. There's no seasoning on the meat you cooked and it ends up being too dry (there's nothing worse than trying to eat something that has a texture like paper... YUCK).


How long do you think you can keep eating healthy when you know it's not going to be enjoyable? How long before you decide enough is enough and give in to temptation and start adding junk food into your trolley when you're getting your groceries?


If you continue this vicious cycle, you'll struggle to get in shape for the rest of your life and never live up to your full potential. 

Healthy Food Solution: Heaven Eat Chicken Breast

Luckily for you, we have the answer. Let me introduce you to Heaven Eat Chicken Breast:

  • Your new source of healthy food that actually tastes good 
  • Proving that healthy food can be enjoyable to eat
  • FINALLY, stick to your diet plan without any struggle
  • Achieve the fitness goals you've always desired
healthy-food-heaveneat-chicken-breast  Heaven Eat Classic Chicken Breast

Our juicy Heaven Eat Chicken Breasts are:

  • Soft, tender, and slow-cooked to perfection. It also comes vacuum packed to ensure that it maintains all its moisture and juiciness so you don't have to struggle with your diet plan
  • A lean, mean, high-quality, protein-rich food source that is low in fat which means it's a perfect fit for your balanced diet. Eat without any shame or guilt!
  • Ready-to-eat in 1 minutes or less! We've done the hard part to make it juicy and tasty. Just heat up and enjoy, SIMPLE
  • Seasoned with only natural ingredients avoiding any MSG or chemicals. Also completely hormone & antibiotic-free, your health will always remain our #1 priority
  • Available in multiple flavours which are made with low fat and sugar content. Our low-calorie sauces ensure your healthy meals will never be boring again
  • Available for delivery. We will save you all the trouble of going out and deliver it right to your doorstep.


healthy-food-heaveneat-mala-chicken-breast Heaven Eat Spicy Mala Chicken Breast


  • Heaven Eat Chicken Breast comes in a few packages for you to choose from:
    • x8 packs at RM88.90
    • x15 packs at RM155.00
    • x32 packs at RM320.00
    • x60 packs at RM570.00
  • Here are the chicken breast flavours:
    • Classic (salt & pepper)
    • Hot Paprika
    • Spicy Mala
    • Pesto

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