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Makan-Makan Series

Delicious & healthier version of Malaysian favourite food. No unnecessarry added oils & sugary sauces, only use limited amount of olive oil & real honey for every dishes to control the calorie intake. Guilt-free dishes with maximum flavor.



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Healthy Food Delivery in Malaysia

If the question "Is there even any healthy food delivery near me?" often pop up in your mind, you are not alone. As Malaysians, our food is undeniably one of the most important parts of our daily lives, which is unsurprising considering that Malaysia is a food heaven recognised worldwide and visited by food-lovers all around the globe.

While delicious, most of the food consumed by Malaysians are carbohydrate-centred and contains a lot of fats. Malaysians tend to have a lot of rice or noodles as a main dish and main stomach-filler and fried foods such as fried chicken or processed meats as a side dish. With all these choices of food surrounding us, it is hard to maintain a proper, healthy and well balanced diet in our daily lives.

This problem proves to be even more difficult for the busy, working adult, which makes up more than 60% of the population here in Malaysia. For the average working adult, one of the most important factors when choosing food is the convenience of it, as many workers have a fixed and limited amount of break time.

This is why many of us disregard the importance of a healthy and balanced diet in favour of heading to a local eatery that is considerably more unhealthy, but a lot more convenient.

We have all learned when we were younger about the importance of a balanced diet and how it may affect our daily routine. As children, we were taught to eat a balanced diet and the correct amount of nutrients based on the food pyramid.

Carbohydrates such as rice and bread should be consumed in larger portions, as they are our main source of energy. Protein that can be obtained from various types of meats such as chicken or fish and dairy is also an important part of our diet, as it helps in healing and repairing body tissues, as well as playing a large role in producing enzymes and hormones in our body. Fats such as different oils and lipids can be commonly found in fried foods and fatty cuts of meats.

Fats have a rather notorious reputation when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet and should be consumed conservatively, however its importance should not be overlooked as it is vital to our body in providing energy and supporting cell growth. Then there are the smaller, but equally essential building blocks of our nutritional diet, vitamins, minerals and fibres. These can be found in many fruits and vegetables and should be a large part of a balanced diet.

Drinking enough water a day also aids in regulating our body temperature and removing toxins from the body. But how many of us actually remember these guidelines taught to us when we were much younger? And as busy, working adults with various commitments to both business and personal lives, many of us have difficulty in managing our hectic work schedules and preparing a balanced and healthy meal for ourselves.

Healthy Meals for Busy Malaysians and Bodybuilders

This is why Heaven Eat is the perfect solution for the working people or bodybuilder who is looking for the best option for a well-balanced diet that is convenient and healthy at the same time. Heaven Eat is a new healthy food delivery service situated in the Klang Valley area and focuses on providing the best delicious and healthy food to the working citizens of Malaysia, saving customers time in looking for food by delivering right to their doorstep.

It is common for good and tasty food to be inconvenient to customers, with the long waiting time and queue and in some cases, parking difficulties. With Heaven Eat, each gym food and healthy meal option is made to order and prepared with care, and then conveniently delivered, without the customers ever needing to leave their home or office.

The most attractive part of Heaven Eat however, is the wide range of clean food delivery services available for customers to choose from, with varieties to satisfy every taste bud and suit every appetite.

There are two main series in Heaven Eat's catalogue that customers can choose from, the Lean Series and the Fairy Series. The Lean Series, suitable for customers with larger appetites or who are looking to maintain their calorie intake, is ideal for people who want a satisfying and filling meal without all the guilt afterwards, as it is definitely a healthy meal option.

The Lean Series comes in at between 400-500 kcal for each option, with four main options to choose from, including the Creamy Lemon Herb Chicken, the Spicy Lemon Herb Chicken, the Honey Mustard Chicken and for customers who are craving for something more oriental, the Teriyaki Chicken. Each Lean Series option is served with healthy, mixed wholegrain rice and seasonal fresh mixed vegetables. Providing a well balanced ratio of low GI carbohydrates, high protein and healthy fats, Heaven Eat's Lean Series is the perfect portion for people who exercise regularly and have a fitness goal to achieve.

Over on the lighter side, the Fairy Series by Heaven Eat is perfect for people with smaller appetites and are looking for low or zero carbs options. With each meal option having less than 300 kcal, the Fairy Series includes the Heaven Chicken Salad, the Low Carb Creamy Lemon Herb Chicken, the Low Carb Spicy Lemon Herb Chicken and the Low Carb Teriyaki Chicken. Customers need not worry about the sauces having high fat or sugar content, as each sauce is homemade with low calories and deliciousness in mind. The Fairy Series is sure to satisfy customers that are looking for a lighter meal option.

Other products by Heaven Eat include the Heaven Wrap, with Grilled Heaven Chicken and healthy vegetables and Cold Pressed Juices available in multiple flavours such as Chia Addict and Man-Go. All of Heaven Eat’s products are priced affordably, with the Lean Series at RM 18.00 each, the Fairy Series at RM 15.00 each, and the Heaven Wrap and Cold Pressed Juices at RM 13.00 and RM 10.90 respectively, with delivery prices varying based on location.

Whether you are trying to lose some weight or determined to gain lean muscle, Heaven Eat is definitely the perfect healthy food delivery provider for you.